Rory McIlroy apologizes for quitting Honda Classic. Girlfriend problems?

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Rory McIlroy, the No. 1 golfer in the world, regrets his decision to withdraw from last week’s Honda Classic after completing just eight holes during the second round. He was in pain from an impacted wisdom tooth and his swing was “out of sorts.”

“It was a reactive decision,” McIlroy told Sports Illustrated. “What I should have done is take my drop, chip it on, try to make a five and play my hardest on the back nine, even if I shot 85. What I did was not good for the tournament, not good for the kids and the fans who were out there watching me — it was not the right thing to do.”

McIlroy isn’t blaming his new Nike clubs.

“The driver and the ball took some time to get used to, but I had weeks at Nike before the start of the year, and I feel comfortable with all the equipment,” McIlroy said. “The problem is, I’m bringing the club too upright on the backswing then dropping it in too much on the downswing.”

Bad swing? McIlroy’s problems may be in his head.

The Independent, a British national newspaper, speculates that McIlroy’s struggles on the golf course may be tied to a struggling relationship with tennis star Caroline Wozniacki, who is currently ranked No. 10 in the world.

Rory and McIlroy

Last week, Wozniacki was asked if there were any marriage plans in the works: “I think that question will be for him to answer,” she said.

Then she was asked if she would accept if McIlroy proposed. She laughed and brushed off the question: “This is getting personal!”

Last December, engagement rumors blew up on the Internet after Wozniacki was spotted wearing a ring on her left hand. But a spokeswoman shot down the rumors.

McIlroy confirmed he was dating Wozniacki back in August 2011. It’s now March 2013.

Wozniacki is obviously wondering what their future holds.

And that may be putting added pressure on McIlroy and making it tougher to concentrate on the golf course.

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