Broncos’ Eric Decker and singer Jessie James land reality show

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Denver Broncos wide receiver Eric Decker and his fiancé, country/pop music singer Jessie James, are getting a reality show.

Decker and James are getting married this summer. The E! network will chronicle their lives in a new show called, “Love and Other Contact Sports: Eric and Jessie.’’

John Elway, the Broncos’ executive vice president of football operations, gave Decker his permission.

“To each his own,” said Elway. “I don’t think that’s going to affect (his football). I know Eric Decker and how hard he works and what football means to him.”

Decker said the TV show wouldn’t interfere with his job.

“Nothing will deter me from my football career,” Decker tweeted. “I have priorities & I have the same common goal as my teammates to win championships!”

Decker, 26, had a breakout season last year. He had 85 catches for 1,064 yards and 13 touchdowns.

James, 25, released her first album in 2009. She co-wrote most of her songs. Her best performing single, “Wanted,” hit No. 18 on the dance charts.

Judging from these photos, we’re pretty sure the show ought to do well in the ratings.

Photos via Instagram


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    • Adonna

      October 13, 2013 at 2:13 pm

      I watched the Eric and Jessie show and… is a curse for divorce. Jessie does not leave anything to the imagination and let’s just say….is not the classiest of gals. I did not know she was a country singer and as I started the episode midway thought she was in some sort of adult entertainment. To Eric: why buy the cow when she gives the milk for free?

  2. bobbke

    April 23, 2013 at 2:05 pm

    Well it looks like it’s a good thing the Bronco’s got Welker at least they
    have 2 recievers dedicated to winning and one that is a Carmelo Clone
    letting his wife tell him what he needs to do. Baesed on the fact she has a great body and is happy to show it there are probably enough losers out there to keep it running
    for a while.

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