Are Alabama QB AJ McCarron and Katherine Webb engaged?

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Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron and Katherine Webb have only been dating since December. But are they now engaged?

Media mogul and TV personality Martha Stewart sparked Internet rumors with this tweet Saturday night from Emeril Lagasse’s restaurant in New Orleans where the young couple had dinner. Stewart referred to Webb as McCarron’s fiancé.

That prompted lots of retweets:

Webb has been covering the Super Bowl in New Orleans for “Inside Edition.” McCarron joined her to attend the big game. Webb is wearing a ring on her left hand, but it’s not on her ring finger.

The couple only talked about the great dinner at Emeril’s restaurant during this series of tweets:

Just last week, Webb told Ryan Seacrest on his radio show that she’s ready to become Mrs. AJ McCarron if he pops the question.

“Yeah absolutely,” Webb said. “It’s kind of funny because I’ve dated in LA and I’ve kind of like seen how Hollywood works. But when you find yourself with someone that you really can see yourself with, like, you know it. I knew in the first two weeks that we were going to be together for a long time. Love kind of takes over and you start talking about the future. So yeah, it’s definitely something that I want. I don’t see all of this fame — or whatever it is — kind of affecting how I feel toward AJ.”

Webb became famous the night of the BCS National Championship after ESPN’s Brent Musburger complimented her on her looks during a live broadcast.

And now it’s Super Bowl Sunday and Martha Stewart is referring to Webb as McCarron’s fiancé.

Must be a trend.

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