Alec Baldwin’s hilarious “NFL Honors” opening monologue (Video)

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Actor Alec Baldwin delivered a hilarious opening monologue during the “NFL Honors” on CBS.

He took some jabs at many NFL stars. Here are a few highlights:

  • “It’s exciting to be here in New Orleans,” Baldwin said. “Things have been pretty out of control all week in the French Quarter. Drinking, partying, nudity … and that’s just Rob Gronkowski.”
  • Baldwin complimented Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck for overcoming a “debilitating neck beard” during his rookie season.
  • He said Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson threw for 3,000 yards and endured “3,000 hugs”  from Pete Carroll.
  • Baldwin mentioned the amazing seasons of Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson and Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning and quipped, “Brett Favre heard the word ‘comeback’ and woke up. Go back to sleep, Brett.”

Baldwin even joked about Katherine Webb who attended the awards ceremony.

“The biggest name from the college football season is here, Katherine Webb — the girlfriend of Alabama quarterback what’s his name?”

Check out the video:


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